Wednesday, August 19, 2009

use NUS wireless networks on iphone or itouch

In National University of Singapore, NUS, there are two open wireless networks.
One is NUSOPEN and the other is NUS.
The NUS wireless network is better, because you do not need to key in the your NUS net id and password every time.

I'll show you how to configure your iphone, iphone 3G, iphone 3GS, iPod Touch or iPod Touch (2nd Gen) to connect to NUS Wireless network.

If your firmware is 3.0.0, you should follow the following link:

If your firmare is 3.0.1 as my iphone 3G, you can follow the following instructions:
1. go to Settings->Wi-Fi, let the wifi be powered on
2. under the "Choose a Network", click the "Others..."
3. input the "Name" as "NUS", and select the "Security" as "WPA Enterprise", and go back
4. input the "Username" as "nusstu\g1234567", which is your NUS net id, and then input the password
5. finally you can press the "Join" button on the soft keyboard
Note: because the iphone's wifi is weaker than the laptops, sometimes it maybe can't connect to the wireless network. I have used this configuration in central library, and it works well. But when I use it in AS6, it can't connect to the NUS wireless most of the time.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Unlock iphone 3G with 3.0.1 firmware

1. Jailbreak your iPhone 3G 3.0: use redsn0w

for this step, please refer to:

2. Go to Cydia and add to your sources

open your iphone, and select the "Cydia->Manage->Sources->Edit->add"
after you add the to your sources, you should select "Done"
then press the source "", and press it again,then select "install", after that "confirm"
finally, after the reboot your iphone is unclocked

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