Thursday, December 31, 2009

How to jailbreak ipod touch (itouch) 3.1.2

The itouch I got is the newest one, maybe which is the 3G.
I did all the things in Windows 7.

1. Install itune from the apple official website
2. download blackra1n from:
3. connect your itouch to your PC, and open the itune you installed already.
4. open blackra1n.exe

5. Click the "make it ra1n" button.

6. blackra1n will now put your iPod Touch into recovery mode and your itouch will display the following picture of Geohot. While in recovery mode, blackra1n will jailbreak your iPod touch.

7. Once blackra1n finishes jailbreaking, your iPod Touch will reboot and you should see the blackra1n icon as follows on your iPod touch screen.

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