Thursday, February 9, 2012

Compiling latest Moses from git

When I was using command:
./bjam --with-srilm=srilm-1.6.0 --with-irstlm=irstlm-5.70.04 --with-giza=giza-pp --with-boost=boost_1_48_0 -j1
to compile the latest Moses checked out using command git,
I got the following errors:
gcc.compile.c++ moses/src/LM/bin/gcc-4.4.1/release/debug-symbols-on/link-static/threading-multi/Factory.o
In file included from moses/src/LM/ORLM.h:8,
from moses/src/LM/Factory.cpp:41:
moses/src/DynSAInclude/onlineRLM.h:22: error: reference to ‘Vocab’ is ambiguous
moses/src/LM/SRI.h:33: error: candidates are: struct Vocab
moses/src/DynSAInclude/vocab.h:17: error: class Moses::Vocab

My solution is to replace all the "Vocab" with "Moses::Vocab" in moses/src/DynSAInclude.

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