Sunday, June 28, 2009

Using svn + ssh with subclipse in eclipse

get eclipse from:
(I used "Eclipse IDE for Java Developers (92MB)" of Galileo Packages (based on Eclipse 3.5) )

Run eclipse, and select the menu "Help -> Install New Software"
Add this upgrade site:
You can refer to :
(You can directly use svn+ssh with subclipse 1.4, because the default JavaHL adapter doesn't support SSH and public key authentication. So we need to use another JavaHL adapter.)

Choose the menu "Eclipse -> Preferences", then go to "Team -> SVN", and find the "SVN Interface" pulldown, and choose "SVNKit(Pure Java) SVNKit v1.2.3.5521" rather than "JavaHL(JNI)1.6.3(r38063)"

Finally, you can use svn+ssh with subclipse of eclipse.

PS: if you use eclipse under Linux, svn+ssh can work well after you install subclipse, that is, no need to configure Step 3 mentioned above.

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